Friday, September 3, 2010

The Awesome Stick Bug

Hello -
I am going to tell you something awesome.........................But under one condition.....You have to read it of course......LOL:-)

So here are some pictures and facts about stick bugs the picture is mine we spotted one on our garage yesterday so you just know I had to do a post.

Now here you are.......................

The picture................ And now the info.

Stick Bugs are known for their stick like shape. God made them this way so they would camouflage in a tree or bush so predators could not eat them for a nice tasty little brown snack. The female feeds on leaves and small grasses. There are approximately 3,000 different species of stick bugs. Stick bugs are often called walking sticks.When The Teacher and I spotted it I poked it with a stick softly and it moved it's legs and antennas. Well, I hope you liked the facts I took time to look up on the internet for you. I will tpost again sometime soon.

Wonder Boy

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Have A Laugh

What do the road crews use at the north pole?

Snow cones.

What did one domino say to the other?

You are such a pushover.

Where was the first doughnut made?


What has a nose and flies but can't smell?

An airplane.

How does a chicken keep it's beat?

With it's drumsticks.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pen Palin' Around

Hi it's me!! Your long lost blogging buddy Wonder Boy !! I am still alive;-)
FYI I am going to try to be posting every Monday so you can look forward to that! Well, on to today's subject........ pen-paling. I have been pen-paling for the last year or more and at first thought it was going to be some dumb thing that my mom was going to make me do (because it would improve my handwriting skills) but it has turned out to be a hoot. Actually this morning while I was looking for a new blog background I was writing a letter to one of my new pen-pals. One of my pen pals is writing a book and in his letters he is sending me chapter after chapter he has a real talent! I ask all my pen-pals for pics but sometimes they ignore me but it is cool. I think to round it off I have ten pen-pals some write regularly some don't but all write at some point.
All I can say is get out your pen and paper out and write a letter, it's not as dumb as it sounds after all !!;-)
Yahoo has some pen pal groups for kids if you are interested.

Wonder Boy

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Meet My New Kitten

Hi this Wonder Boy signing on if that is not funny I though it was catchy so lets talk about my new kitten she. Her name is Sophie, she is about five months old. We just gave her a bath and like any cat she did not like it so much. She is really cute and she has a bob tail so she is just so much cuter than if she had a regular tail. She is not a lay in your lap cat she is more of a play with the shoe string cat but that is ok with me. This Wonder Boy signing off.

Isn't she cute?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Have A Laugh

What kind of music should you listen to while fishing?

Something catchy!

Why did the M & M go to school?

Because he really wanted to be a Smartie!

Why was the computer so tired when it got home?

Because it had a hard drive!

Wonder Boy

Tuesday July 22 09

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Meet My Kitten....

I have kitten who is 10 months old. We got him in Tybee Island,Georgia when we were on a trip for the Teacher's Birthday. We walked into a gift shop and we saw a lady come out of the back with two kittens on her shoulder - before we knew it we had an eleven hour drive home with a seven week old kitten. We named her Tybee.....

We thought he was a she for the first 2 weeks we had her...then when we took her to the vet we found out Tybee Girl was really Tybee Boy ;-)
He is a big help while I do school - he takes my pencils and distracts the Teacher for me all the time ;-)
He's pretty playful most of the time but when he plays hard he gets worn out!!

He is definitely curious and gets into all kinds of trouble........
...........but then he feels bad and prays for forgiveness!!
and pretty much just makes himself right at home anywhere he pleases ;-)

He is pretty fun to have around - he makes us laugh and he is one of the family now!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

8 is Great

A few weeks ago I turned 8. Here are some pictures from my party.

Me and my buddies doing carpet angels and windshield wipers.....this was getting us warmed up for everything we had planned.....

We did a science theme and had fun blowing up 2 liter sodas with Mentos.

We made sculptures out of gummy bears, cheese balls, mini tootsie rolls and toothpicks.

My friend Michael built a cool motorcycle...he's holding it up in the background. The cheese ball windmill tower was my creation.

Silly String Wars!!! This was alot of fun even when we got it in our mouths!

This is Harrison doing his evil scientist impersonation with the slime we made.

Thanks guys for coming and spending the afternoon having fun.

8 is great!!

Wonder Boy